KOREAN Super Junior (슈퍼주니어) Yesung (예성)

Yesung – The More I Love

My reaction: I’m speechless… Amazing… He’s officially my favorite singer. Great voice contrrol. And his emotions! Wuaa… O_O Goosebumps
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“The More I Love”
Immortal Song 2
Boohwal’s 3rd Album “기억상실”

Yesung Lyrics/작사: Kim Tae Won (김태원)
Composer/작곡: Kim Tae Won (김태원)

Romanization Korean Translation
hanchamdonganeul chajagaji anheun
jeo eondeok neomeo georien
oraejeon geu moseup geudaero neon
seoisseul geot gata.

nae gieok bodaneun oraedoebeorin yaegiji
neol bodeon naui geu moseup
ijeneun naega neol piharyeogo hana
eonjengaui neocheoreom~

ije neoege nan apeumirangeol
neoreul saranghamyeon halsurok
meolli tteonagadorok
seuchideut shiganui heureumsoge
ije jinagan gieogirago
tteonamyeo malhadeon neoege
shigani heulleo jinalsurok
neoreul saranghamyeon halsurok
neoege nan apeumieotdaneun geol
neoreul saranghamyeon halsurok

한참동안을 찾아가지 않은
저 언덕 너머 거리엔
오래전 그 모습 그대로 넌
서있을 것 같아.

내 기억 보다는 오래되버린 얘기지
널 보던 나의 그 모습
이제는 내가 널 피하려고 하나
언젠가의 너처럼~

이제 너에게 난 아픔이란걸
너를 사랑하면 할수록
멀리 떠나가도록
스치듯 시간의 흐름속에
이제 지나간 기억이라고
떠나며 말하던 너에게
시간이 흘러 지날수록
너를 사랑하면 할수록…
너에게 난 아픔이었다는 걸
너를 사랑하면 할수록

In the street over the hill
I haven’t been to in a while
It felt that you’ll be standing exactly
as you stood there a long time ago.

A story that is older than my memory
The way I looked when staring at you
Am I now trying to avoid you,
as you did then

Now for you, that I am hurting,
the more I love you
To go far away,
into the flow of time as if only brushing by
Leaving me, you said it is
a memory of the past, to you
As the time flows by,
the more that I love you
That I was hurting for you,
the more that I love you

Kor: music daum
Rom: thelapan

Eng: boohwal.wordpress.com
info: music.daum.net

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