New Layout

As you can see, our admin Kat made a new layout to make navigation a lot easier. Instead of the page taking forever to load with that long bar on the side of the page, all of the categories and artist names are on a drop down menu on the top (see below), and also at the bottom of the page for easy access. According to the poll so far, it seems like people are not enjoying it too much. If you will, leave a comment and tell us your individual opinion and any possible suggestions to help improve the website layout. Thanks ^^


On May 30th – I made a different navigation. Instead of drop down lists, it’s a separate page now. Why? because the list for some letters is getting too long, and it’s going off the screen.

Regarding “making it more colorful”. I’m trying to incorporate more colors into the theme, as well as making the logo more colorful. It’s taking me a while to do this though. So please be patient and continue to support us and comment on any more improvements we could make.


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