KOREAN OST Roommate (룸메이트)

A.T (에이.티) – Good Morning (굿모닝)


“Good Morning”
Roommate OST Part. 2

A.T Lyrics/작사: 윤종신
Composer/작곡: 윤종신
Arranger/편곡: 조정치

Romanization Korean Translation
Good morning eojetbam haebeorin yaegi
jogeum meosseukhaejin achim
eottae mwo uri sai moseun marideun
hayan geopum chitsori chumchumyeon
dasi sangkeumhaejineun dwi kkeuteobsi ppodeuk
syawo dwie pposong Oh My Friend

Good morning moning sudae han sutgal
masige harureul eonjeo
himdeulgo jichin haru doelji mollado
geu kkeuteneun neol bol su isseo
modeun ge yongseodoejanha
oneul geu ot joha oneul neukkim gut Oh My Friend

Have a Good Day
oneuldo sarangseureowo jasin itge gireul georeo
eottae mwo uri joheumyeon geumaniji
uri harun uri geonikka nunchi bul piryo eobjanha
geureon nunbit joha geureon nega joha Oh My Love
Good morning

굿모닝 어젯밤 해버린 얘기
조금 머쓱해진 아침
어때 뭐 우리 사이 무슨 말이든
하얀 거품 칫솔이 춤추면
다시 상큼해지는 뒤 끝없이 뽀득
샤워 뒤에 뽀송 Oh My Friend

굿모닝 모닝 수다에 한 숟갈
맛있게 하루를 얹어
힘들고 지친 하루 될지 몰라도
그 끝에는 널 볼 수 있어
모든 게 용서되잖아
오늘 그 옷 좋아 오늘 느낌 굿 Oh My Friend

Have a Good Day
오늘도 사랑스러워 자신 있게 길을 걸어
어때 뭐 우리 좋으면 그만이지
우리 하룬 우리 거니까 눈치 볼 필요없잖아
그런 눈빛 좋아 그런 네가 좋아 Oh My Love

Good morning It’s a little awkward this morning
Because of what we talked about last night
Oh well, it’s okay, it’s us, whatever we say
Like the white foam from the dancing
toothbrush makes it feel fresh again
Feeling clean without residue after a shower, oh my friend

Good morning With a delicious morning talking session
Place a yummy spoonful on your day
Even if your day is tiring and hard
I can see you at the end of it
so everything is forgiven
I like your outfit today, it feels good today, oh my friend

Have a good day
You’re lovable today, have confidence as you walk
Oh well, it’s okay, it only matters that we’re happy
Our days are our own so we don’t have to care about others
I like that look you’re giving, I like you like that, oh my love
Good morning

Korean: music.daum
Rom: dragonshine
Eng: pop!gasa
info: music.daum

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