DEAN – The Unknown Guest (불청객)


“The Unknown Guest”

DEANLyrics/작사: Deanfluenza
Composer/작곡: Deanfluenza
Arranger/편곡: Deanfluenza, 황득경

i shiganeneun biga omyeon andwaesseo
geu noraereul nan tto teulgo marasseo
nae gwie heungeolgeorin gibun joeun mellodi
nal dudeurineun geu gieogeul
nan mot igyeo
geu nal bam geu nuneul bomyeon an dwaesseo
kkeunnae mot han
myeot madireul meogeumeun chaero
jam deuneun bam
이 시간에는 비가 오면 안됐어
그 노래를 난 또 틀고 말았어
내 귀에 흥얼거린 기분 좋은 멜로디
날 두드리는 그 기억을
난 못 이겨
그 날 밤 그 눈을 보면 안 됐어
끝내 못 한
몇 마디를 머금은 채로
잠 드는 밤
It shouldn’t have rained at this time
Cuz I ended up listening to that song again
That feel-good melody that hums in my ear
Makes those memories knock on me
I can’t overcome
That night, I shouldn’t have looked at those eyes
Swallowing back the few words
That I never ended up saying that night
I fall asleep again

Korean: music.naver
Rom: CCL
Eng: pop!gasa
info: music.naver

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