KOREAN Onew (온유) SHINee (샤이니)

ONEW (온유) – Sign (어떤 사이)

어떤 사이

eotteon sai
“What Kind of Relationship”

Onew Lyrics/작사: 황현 (MonoTree), 박지연 (MonoTree)
Composer/작곡: 황현 (MonoTree)
Arranger/편곡: 황현 (MonoTree)

Romanization Korean Translation
yosae jameul jal mot jaseo
shiryeogi jogeum nappajeonna
oneulttara ni eolguri hayae boyeo

sugeun daeneun nae chingudeul
geokjeonghaneun ni chingudeul
geuraeseo mariya urineun eotteon saiya?

na ireon mal haneun ge jinjja cheoeumira geurae
sashil jogeum tteolligido hae
na wae ireoji maeumi
ni saenggakppuniya maeiri
urin eotteon saini

ani mweo yereul deuljamyeon
jinanjuye na bappaseo
daechungdaechung dapandago wae hwanae

na ireon mal haettago naeilbuteo eosaekan
saiga dwelkka duryeopjiman
geuraedo naye maeumi
ireonde mweol eotteokae
neol mani joahae

uri dulman moreugo
moduga aneun sai
isanghan i gibuni eosaekaesseo

i dugeungeorim deure jada kkaeda geuraesseo
geureolsurok deo bogo shipdeora
nun gameumyeon nunbushin neoraneun byeori tteoseo
eojjeol jul mollasseo
na wae ireoji maeumi
ni saenggakppuniya maeiri
neol mani joahae

요새 잠을 잘 못 자서
시력이 조금 나빠졌나
오늘따라 니 얼굴이 하얘 보여

수근 대는 내 친구들
걱정하는 니 친구들
그래서 말이야 우리는 어떤 사이야?

나 이런 말 하는 게 진짜 처음이라 그래
사실 조금 떨리기도 해
나 왜 이러지 마음이
니 생각뿐이야 매일이
우린 어떤 사이니

아니 뭐 예를 들자면
지난주에 나 바빠서
대충대충 답한다고 왜 화내

나 이런 말 했다고 내일부터 어색한
사이가 될까 두렵지만
그래도 나의 마음이
이런데 뭘 어떡해
널 많이 좋아해

우리 둘만 모르고
모두가 아는 사이
이상한 이 기분이 어색했어

이 두근거림 들에 자다 깨다 그랬어
그럴수록 더 보고 싶더라
눈 감으면 눈부신 너라는 별이 떠서
어쩔 줄 몰랐어
나 왜 이러지 마음이
니 생각뿐이야 매일이
널 많이 좋아해

Is my eyesight getting worse
Because I can’t sleep lately?
Your face looks so white today

My friends whisper
And your friends are worried
So let me ask you, what is our relationship?

The reason I’m like this is because it’s my first time saying these words
To be honest I’m a bit nervous too
Why is my heart like this?
You’re the only thing I think about every day
What is our relationship?

I mean, for example
Last week when I was busy
Why did you get angry saying I answer your messages half-heartedly?

Even though it scares me that now that I’ve said these words
We might become awkward starting tomorrow
But this is how I feel
What else am I supposed to do
I like you a lot

A relationship everyone else knows
And only the two of us don’t
This strange feeling felt awkward to me

My heart raced so hard it kept me up at night
And it made me want to see you even more
Whenever I closed my eyes, a shining star called you appeared
So I didn’t know what to do
Why is my heart like this?
You’re the only thing I think about every day
I like you a lot

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Rom: CCL
Eng: pullava @ Onehallyu.com
Info: music.naver

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