KOREAN SHINee (샤이니) Taemin (태민)

TAEMIN (태민) – Identity


Never Gonna Dance Again : Act 2

Lyrics/작사: 조윤경
Composer/작곡: Steven Lee
Arranger/편곡: Steven Lee



jeo meolli pyeolcheojin bulppitteulgwa
meomchun deut neurideon sungan geu sai
neul mal eopshi nal bichudeon neoye nun

bulhyeondeut tteooreun jangmyeondeulgwa
meongmeoki chaoreuda
neomchineun gamjeong sogeul
pagodeureo I’m not over you

Woo yeah woo

Base to Ace
Base to Ace
nun bushin bit neomeoye
(to Ace)
byeonhameopshi yeojeonhae
dashi saegyeo nae ane
(to Ace)

deo tteugeopge nareul taeweo nae

yeojeonhi namgyeojin gamjeongdeulgwa
cheoncheonhi shiseoneul majucheo nan
Oh ijeseoya pyeonanhi shwineun sum

jamdeun deut meomchwotteon modeun ge da
saebyeogeul jina dashi
nun tteuneun sungan soge
nareul bichweo oneun neoye nun

Woo yeah woo


저 멀리 펼쳐진 불빛들과
멈춘 듯 느리던 순간 그 사이
늘 말 없이 날 비추던 너의 눈

불현듯 떠오른 장면들과
먹먹히 차오르다
넘치는 감정 속을
파고들어 I’m not over you

Woo yeah woo

Base to Ace
Base to Ace
눈 부신 빛 너머에
(to Ace)
변함없이 여전해
다시 새겨 내 안에
(to Ace)

더 뜨겁게 나를 태워 내

여전히 남겨진 감정들과
천천히 시선을 마주쳐 난
Oh 이제서야 편안히 쉬는 숨

잠든 듯 멈췄던 모든 게 다
새벽을 지나 다시
눈 뜨는 순간 속에
나를 비춰 오는 너의 눈

Woo yeah woo


In between the lights that spread out in the distance
And a moment so slow as if it had stopped
Always, without a word, your eyes that shine upon me

With the scenes that suddenly flash before me
They well up resoundingly
Pervading the inundant emotions inside
I’m not over you

Woo hey woo

Base to Ace
Base to Ace
Beyond the blinding lights
(to Ace)
Unchanging, as before
Carve it again inside me
(to Ace)

Set me ablaze even more ardently

With the feelings that still remain as ever
Slowly I meet your gaze
Oh, finally now, every breath I breathe in peace

Everything that all stopped as if it were asleep
As the dawn passes
The moment I open my eyes again
Shining upon me, your eyes

Woo yeah woo

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Rom: colorcodedlyrics.com
Eng: @vousmevoyez
Info: genie.co.kr

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