WayV-KUN & XIAOJUN – Back To You (這時煙火)


zhe shi yan huo
Back To You

Lyrics/作词: 小寒 (Xiao Han)
Composer/作曲: Min-Ho Jin
Arranger/编曲: Min-Ho Jin, Jong-Han Lee

Kun, Xiaojun


xing guang hen qian jing jing tu xian
yue se de shi yan
feng fu guo lian bu she zha yan
lao ji zhe xiao yan
yu ni xiang lian de shi jian
mei yi tian mei yi nian
dou yao xi xi ti yan

shen ai nan mian pa ni zou yuan
sui hao wu gen yuan
ai jin yi dian bao jin yi dian
que ding zai mian qian
xin di xu zhe yuan
xing fu neng xing yun shi xian
yi bian yi bian

dang shi ni wo jiu ru yan huo
ru ci de chi zhuo
bu jia si suo bu dong shan duo
kong qi dou bo duo
bei feng chui xi ru he fu huo
bing leng yu tian you zen me shan shuo
zhi hao ren ai qing zan shi yun luo
dan wo hui zhi zhuo Ooh
dan wo hai zhi zhuo Ooh

bu zhi bu jue wan wu ku jie
jian nan de shi jie
zhong yu zhong jie feng lai dao bie
ba bing xue wa jie
wei xiao zhe ying jie
wei lai ji jie de geng die
yi qie shan diao chong xie

dang shi ni wo dang shi yan huo
ru ci de chi zhuo
bu jia si suo bu dong shan duo
kong qi dou bo duo
bu neng chuan xi ru he sheng huo
bian leng yi hou gai zen me shan shuo
zhi hao kan ai qing zan shi yun luo

feng zai fan fang xiang
dai wo men hui wang
gan qing wei he tuo yang
zhong yu yuan chu qing lang
shan shan fa guang

zhe shi ni wo zhe shi yan huo
kai cheng le hua duo
bu wen jie guo bu wen ru guo
zai xin li ting bo
zai shou xi bu guo de sheng huo
jing li guo le qi hei he leng mo
huo xu shi wei le chong tou lai guo
zhe shi de ni wo Ooh
jia bei de shan shuo Ooh


星光很浅 静静突显
风拂过脸 不舍眨眼

深爱难免 怕你走远
挨近一点 抱紧一点
一遍 一遍

当时你我 就如烟火
不假思索 不懂闪躲
但我会执着 Ooh
但我还执着 Ooh

不知不觉 万物枯竭
终于终结 风来道别

当时你我 当时烟火
不假思索 不懂闪躲


这时你我 这时烟火
不问结果 不问如果
这时的你我 Ooh
加倍地闪烁 Ooh


The starlight is faint
Silently telling the promise of the moonlight
The wind is blowing by my face, it’s a waste to
Even blink my eye, I’ll remember your smiling face
While being in love with you
I want to feel all the individual moments
Every day and every year

Because my love is so deep, I’m afraid that
We might grow apart for no reason
I hold you a little closer and tighter
To test your presence in front of my eye
I’m making a wish in my heart that
Happiness will come true like luck
Once again and again

You and I back then
We were on fire like a flame
I can’t hesitate, I can’t avoid it
And even the oxygen has been taken away
If the wind blows it out, how will I bring it back to life
How will it twinkle on a cold rainy day
I guess I have to accept that love has
Died down for a while, but I’ll hold on
But I’m still holding on to it

Finally, the arid and difficult season
Has come to an end
And the wind came to say goodbye
And melted the ice and snow
As I welcome the approaching change of seasons
With a smile
I erase everything and write it again

You and me back then
The flame we had, it was very hot
I can’t hesitate, I can’t avoid it
And even the oxygen has been taken away
How can I live if I can’t breathe
How will it twinkle when it gets cold
I have no choice but to watch love dying down for a while

The wind looks back with us
From the opposite side
Why did our love run out of oxygen
Finally, I can see the clear, shiny, and sparkling things
From a distance

You and I today, we fully bloomed
With fireworks and flowers of today
Don’t ask for results, don’t ask about what is
And just keep it in your heart
The life that was as familiar as it can get
Was put through endlessly dark and utterly cold days
Perhaps to restart from the beginning
You and I today
We now shine even brighter

Chinese: genius

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  1. Hi, sorry for commenting here.
    I just wanted to let you know thta the translation submit option does no longer work, imo. I sent up to 7 translations and still, no updates.
    I was wondering, could I just do it in the comments section? When I used to do so, it did work and a lot of my trans were added after a short time (5 days or so)
    I know it’s tiring, but it’s for me as well to see no reply to my translations. I put so much effort in them since my English is quite poor, and I don’t want them to be wasted away.
    Thanks for taking your time to read this, if you did so

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