SHINee (샤이니)

SHINee (샤이니) is a contemporary R&B boy band from Seoul, South Korea. Formed by SM Entertainment in 2008, they made their debut on May 25, 2008 on SBS’s Popular Songs with their promotional single, “Nuna Is So Pretty (Replay)” (“누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)”. The group consists of Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin.

Since their debut, SHINee has won numerous awards. They have also starred in their own reality show based on their song, “누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)”. SHINee are considered to be a fashion icon having starting the “SHINee Trend”, which is popular amongst the younger generation.

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Onew (오뉴)
Real name: Lee Jin Ki (이진기)
Nickname: Dubu, Leader Onew
Date of Birth: 1989-12-14
Height: 177cm
Blood type: O
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist
Specialty: Singing, Piano
Interests: Listening to music, playing piano, eating chicken
Languages: Korean, Chinese

Jonghyun (종현)
Real name: Kim Jong Hyun (김종현)
Nickname: Bling Bling Jonghyun, Dinosaur
Date of Birth: 1990-04-08
Height: 173cm
Blood type: AB
Position: Main Vocals
Speciality: Singing, Song writing
Interests: Watching movies, singing, song writing
Languages: Korean, Chinese

Real name: Kim Ki Bum (김기범)
Nickname: The Almighty Key
Date of Birth: 1991-09-23
Position: Vocalist, Rapper
Height: 177cm
Blood type: B
Speciality: Rapping, Dancing
Interests: Snowboarding, Rapping, Dancing
Languages: Korean, English, Chinese

Minho (민호)
Real name: Choi Min Ho (최민호)
Date of Birth: 1991-12-09
Height: 184cm
Blood type: B
Position: Rapper, Face of the group
Speciality: Acting
Interests: Football, Basketball
Languages: Korean, English, Chinese

Taemin (태민)
Real name: Lee Tae Min (이태민)
Date of Birth: 1993-06-18
Height: 175cm
Blood type: B
Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Specialty: Popping dance, piano
Interests: listening to music, piano
Languages: Korean, Chinese

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