SISTAR (씨스타)

SISTAR is a Girl Group from South Korea with 4 members. SISTAR released their debut Single, ‘Push Push‘, on June 3rd, 2010. And on June 4th, they held their debut stage on ‘Music Bank‘ with “Here We Come & Push Push“. They are under management StarShip Entertainment, same agency with K.Will and Boyfriend. Their company StarShip Entertainment said, “The girls’s debut album will have the Brave Brothers as the producer, and the genre of their music is new trend.”. They have trained for 2 years. Their official fan club name is “STAR1” it is pronounce kinda like “style”. They have a sub-unit called SISTAR19, composed of Hyorin and Bora.

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Bora (보라)
Real Name: Yoon Bora (윤보라)
Birthdate: 1990-01-30
Height: 165cm
Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer

Hyorin (효린)
Real Name: Kim Hyo Jung (김효정)
Birthdate: 1991-01-11
Height: 163cm
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Soyu (소유)
Real Name: Kang Ji Hyun (강지현)
Nickname: Little Lee Mi Yeon
Birthdate: 1992-02-12
Height: 170cm
Position: Vocalist

Dasom (다솜)
Real Name: Kim Dasom (김다솜)
Birthdate: 1993-05-06
Height: 167 cm
Blood Type: A
Group Position: Vocalist

Info: SISTAR Official Website, shabikadianislami

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