Sunny Hill (써니힐)

Janghyun, Seungah, Misung, Jubee, Kota

Sunny Hill (써니힐) is a mixed idol group signed to LOEN Entertainment. Member Janghyun (the only male member) was a finalist in Battle Shinhwa and was supposed to debut with boy band Battle. But instead dropped out to continue his studies in music. Later on he debuted with Juvie (Jubi) and Sungah as “Sunny Hill.” The group didn’t receive much recognition until 2008 with their single “Pit-a-Pat.” They then went on a two-year hiatus where they changed labels, added two new members, and created and produced tracks themselves for their new mini-album. Sunny Hill is known for their powerful ballads, but they changed their look with their new single “Midnight Circus.” Kota was added to the group in August 2010, she participated in Narsha’s song “Mammamia”. MiSeong was added to the group in 2011, and debuted with “Midnight Circus”.

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Janghyun (장현)
Birthdate: Jul 16, 1985
Height/Weight: 176cm/64kg
Debut: 2007-09-21 싱글 앨범 (Love Letter)

Misung (미성)
Birthdate: Apr 13, 1986
Height/Weight: 168cm/47kg
Debut: 2011-05, Midnight Circus

Juvie/Jubee (주비)
Birthdate: Aug 8, 1986
Height/Weight: 162cm/42kg
Debut: 2007-09-21 싱글 앨범 (Love Letter)

Seungah (승아)
Birthdate: Mar 29, 1987
Height/Weight: 163cm/43kg
Debut: 2007-09-21 싱글 앨범 (Love Letter)

Kota (코타)
Birthdate: Oct 14, 1987. 10. 14.
Height/Weight: 159cm/41kg
Debut: 2010-08, B.E.G Narsha – Mammamia

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