Wonder Girls

YuBin, SoHee, SunYe, HyeRim, YeEun

Wonder Girls (원더걸스), also known as just WG, is a five member South Korean and Chinese girl group based in South Korea. They were formed by JYP Entertainment in 2007. The group consists of Yoobin, Ye-Eun, Sunye, Sohee, Hyerim. HyeRim (who was a new addition in February, 2010) is the only Chinese member and replaced after a former member, Sunmi. Yubin replaced a former member, Hyuna (4minute), in September of 2007. After debut, the Wonder Girls were a big competitor with Big Bang, a South Korean boy group under YG label. In early 2012, they released “The Wonder Girls” movie and debuted in America.

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YuBin (유빈)
Birth Name: 김유빈 (Kim YuBin)
Birthday: 1988-10-04
Position: Main Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
Nationality: Korean
Height/Weight: 163cm/45kg
Twitter: @WGyubin

YeEun (예은)
Birth Name: 박예은 (Park YeEun)
Stage Name: Yenny
Birthday: 1989-05-26
Position: Lead Vocalist
Nationality: Korean
Height/Weight: 165cm/47kg
Twitter: @WGyenny

SunYe (선예)
Birth Name: 민선예 (Min SunYe)
Stage Name: SunYe (or Sun)
Birthday: 1989-08-12
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Nationality: Korean
Height/Weight: 1162cm/45kg
Twitter: @WGsun

SoHee (소희)
Birth Name: 안소희 (Ahn SoHee)
Birthday: 1992-06-27
Position: Vocalist, Face of The Group, Main Dancer
Nationality: Korean
Height/Weight: 166cm/43kg
Twitter: @WGsohee

HyeRim (혜림)
Birth Name: 우혜림 (Woo HyeRim)
Stage Name: Lim
Birthday: 1992-09-01
Position: Maknae, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Nationality: Chinese
Height/Weight: 167cm/49kg
Twitter: @WG_lim


SunMi (선미)
Birth Name: 이선미 (Lee SunMi)
Stage Name: SunMi
Birthday: 1992-05-02
Position: Vocalist
Nationality: Korean
Height/Weight: 167cm/43kg
Twitter: @mimimimi0502
Other: Left the group and was replaced by HyeRim in 2010

Hyuna (현아)
Birth Name: 김현아 (Kim Hyuna)
Stage Name: Hyuna
Birthday: 1992-06-06
Position: Rapper
Nationality: Korean
Height/Weight: 163cm/45kg
Twitter: @4M_hyunah
Other: Left the group shortly after debut in 2007 and was replaced by YuBin. Hyuna is currently now a member of girl group 4Minute.

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