Mission and Vision

QUALITY over Quantity

At CCL we strive to provide high quality content. While we do try to post songs as soon as they are released, we do not want to post something in a rush that will have to be edited 100x.

Color Coding takes a lot of hard work and dedication, please do not take our color-codings and translations by CCL to monetize on YouTube or other platforms. 


We translate lyrics (sometimes!) But, we have a credits at the bottom of every post, that specify who translated lyrics. Please contact and credit correct sources.


1. Why don’t you put adlibs in the lyrics?
An adlib is an improvisation in a song, script, or otherwise something sung/said that’s not written down. They are not part of the lyrics. The only time adlibs will be added to CC is if a group member’s parts are only adlibs OR if they are actually words, and will still only be seldom added as long as they do not mess up the format in which the lyrics on here are set up. EDITORS AND AUTHORS ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO PUT ADLIBS SO PLEASE STOP TELLING US TO ADD ADLIBS.

2. I submitted a correction on the requests’ form but the post remained the same.
The request form is for requests only. CCL receives so many requests per day that if we find someone sending in jumbled song lyrics, it gets considered as spam and thus, it gets deleted. If you leave a comment in the post of the song, the editors will see it. We will fix any mistakes promptly.

3. Why didn’t you add [member] singing background vocals?
If it’s not in the lyrics, they won’t be added unless need be. In most cases, background lyrics are just the original chorus being sung by the members, so there is no need to color code the same “invisible” lines numerous times. Even if they are different, it’s usually difficult to try and make out was is being said.

4. I posted a correction to a song that you incorrectly color coded so why did you not change it?
All corrections are reviewed and less obvious and/or more detailed ones require proof before the editors decide to change the CC of any song. If there is a mistake, it will be promptly taken care of. If a correction was not made after you posted it, it’s because you either did not give us the necessary proof for accuracy, or the editor looked into it themselves and came to the conclusion that you were incorrect.

5. In the live performance of [song name], [member] sings [this line] but the post says [another member] sings that. Why is it different?
All CC is done according to the original audio of the song. CC will not be based on the live versions unless the live is exactly like the song.

6. How do I write corrections?
There is really no way to “write” them but PLEASE do not recode the entire song in the comments section. If you are going to send in corrections, just tell us the part you want to fix.

7. How do you choose colors?
Randomly. Unless the group at the time of debut has official colors, then we try to follow those colors. Group members who’s official colors are Black, Gray or White, will be changed to something else. We may occasionally start with one color scheme, and later on change.


1. I made a request ages ago but you never did it.
For this, we deeply apologize. We get so many requests per day, and the editors need to delete ones that were already completed in order to properly organize what we are doing. We literally get pages of requests. Sometimes we get multiples of the same song from more than ten different people, especially if the song just came out and/or the artist is popular. If your request is not done after 30 days of submission, you may request it again. But please… just don’t spam the request form.

Also, there are bands that we are not familiar with, so it would take a while to learn voices. Sometimes we never do learn them and decide not to code songs from groups that we have no knowledge of. Additionally, new groups that just debuted are hard to code, because they haven’t performed enough songs live for us to learn their voices. We care about quality of content, not quantity.

2. How come you only post title tracks but not the B-side tracks from the same artist(s)?
Please remember that the editors and authors of CCL are K-Pop fans as well, and we try to keep up with all of the artists we like as much as you do. We are always updating ourselves on new groups and artists that aren’t so popular and doing our best to familiarize ourselves with them. If there’s a music video to a song by a group we don’t know well, the only guide we have is the music video and possibly, the fans to guide us if we make mistakes. If you want us to do a song by that same group and we’re not familiar with them, it might be awhile before you ever see it on here.

3. I gave you my CC of a song I requested so why didn’t you credit me?
If it’s a song we CC ourselves, then yes, you will not be credited. Basically, if you submit something in the request form that doesn’t include you asking us to color code a song, it will be considered as spam and deleted.

4. Can you color code indie artists?
You can request anything you want as long as it’s from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, or China. We have several indie and Korean non-Kpop artists on the website already since we are trying to expand the material on here past K-Pop and idol music.

5. Do you post songs that an artist covered from someone else?
If it isn’t an officially released cover (ex. only a live performance or a special stage), then it will not be posted.

6. Will you post English songs as well?
If they are from an East Asian artist, then yes. However, we do color code songs from non-Asian English-speaking artists once in awhile.

7. How come you didn’t complete my request at all?
If it’s not for any of the previously stated reasons, then it’s because we don’t know the group at all and can’t distinguish their voices (especially if there are more than three people or so). Without a guide, we can’t complete it.


1. [Artist name] released their new Japanese song and PV so why have you not posted it?
Japanese songs are usually promoted [typically a few weeks] before and after their release date whereas Korean and Chinese songs are promoted after their release. Due to this reason, it’s extremely difficult to find accurate lyrics for that Japanese song you’re looking for before its release date. If a K-Pop artist just came out with a Japanese song, keep in mind that the single/album that song is on doesn’t officially come out until a few weeks to a month later. That’s when the official lyrics come out and that is when you will see it on CCL.

2. Why haven’t you posted [artist name]’s new song when they are popular?
Well, you know what to do; request! Otherwise, hope that one of us likes that same artist and posts the lyrics for it.


1. I submitted a comment on a post but I don’t see it. Should I submit it again?
You only need to submit your comments ONCE. Sometimes, for reasons probably only the administrator knows, the server will mark a comment as “spam” or “waiting for approval” and it will not be displayed for public viewing. If you can’t see your comment, don’t worry. We will see it, review it, and mark it as “not spam” or  approve it.

2. Why does the site keep giving me errors?
More than likely, it’s not your internet. Sometimes the server will have issues that only the administrator can find out about. It can be as frustrating for us as it might be for you. Just keep checking back and refreshing the page.

3. Who should I contact in case there is a technical issue?
At this time, there is no need to contact us for that purpose. All technical problems are promptly reported to the administrator.

4. How do I get rid of the black background when I copy and paste lyrics from your site?
This actually has nothing to do with the website. It has to do with your word processor and how well it can filter text without extra formatting. We would suggest, however, that you paste the lyrics somewhere where you won’t see lots of formatting (background colors, line spacing, etc.). A good example would be to use a program such as WordPad (Windows) or TextEdit (Macintosh).

5. Why am I unable to comment when I could leave comments before?
If you spam or abuse the comment section multiple times, your IP address will be blocked by the administrator. You may be able to still visit the website but you will not be allowed to comment.

6. What will cause my IP address to get banned?
Abusing the comments section, causing arguments with the editors and other users, acting childish and immature (such as talking about biases when they have absolutely nothing to do with color coding), trying to force the editors to go against policy, consistently attacking other users, and any other types of abusive behavior. We have very little tolerance for things like this and if you become a problem, you will be permanently banned without notification.

If you have any questions that are left unanswered, don’t hesitate to e-mail us at contact[at]colorcodedlyrics.com