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Why do we need donations you ask?
Unfortunately, Google Adsense isn’t as lucrative as you think, and it has just enough income to cover the cost and the maintenance of the website. CCL has been around since April 2010, and recently we revamped our site, added more authors who are very enthusiastic and committed to bringing you quality content. They deserve a little thanks, don’t you think?

What does it take to be a CCL Author?

  1. Authors stay up to date with all upcoming releases, even releases for artists/groups they’re not particularly interested in. That’s exhausting, do you think?
  2. They go through requests and learn new groups/artists just to be able to color-code those requests.
  3. They search out the pre-release info for every song, for when the album/song drops, they have all that’s necessary info to create a post. 
  4. They stay up late waiting for the album to be released to color-code that album as soon as it’s out. So when you wake up, the album you’ve been anticipating is color coded!
    • Most albums are released during daytime in Korea. But because of time zone differences, in North America, those releases are around 2-4am.
  5. WordPress can be a pain to deal with. Sometimes it lags, sometimes it deletes a post. In any case, sometimes Authors have to re-do the whole post.
  6. Authors have great customer service. – Replying to comments in a friendly, non-offensive way
  7. For groups of 5+ members, color-coding songs that do not have a live or music video, can take close to 30min/song. For newly debuted groups with 5+ members, color-coding the song takes close to an hour. (Obviously for well known artists, like BTS, TWICE, Blackpink, etc, it only takes 10-15min).
    • Here’s a recent example. Cravity is a 9 member group that just debuted with 7 songs. Can you imagine how hard it was to color code their album? 9 members, with only one Music video for reference! Yet we received multiple mean comments saying their album was color-coded too late, and that we need to work on our speed. Ouch, that hurts!

In any case, please consider donating via Paypal, whatever you can spare (50cents, $1, $5, dare I say $100?), so that our Authors have a little something to look forward to. An incentive to go above and beyond.

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