1) Please do not request Translations, we do not translate songs. Requests for Translations will be ignored.
Visit for Translations.
2) Lyrics sent via request form will be ignored.
3) Corrections will be ignored.
4) Do not request more than 5 songs at a time.
5) Do not email requests or ask for requests on Facebook or Twitter
6) Do not write unnecessary comments such as: “Please color code…” or “Hi, can you put the lyrics of…” or “Please provide lyrics for” or “Hi! ^_^ I’d like to request a ccl song of…”, these statements are distracting, and it’s hard to organize requests.
All we ask for is Band Name, Album and song. (see below)

Request format:
BandName – Album1 – Song1, song2…
Twice – Page Two Album – Cheer up, WooHoo, Touchdown