After School (애프터스쿨) KOREAN

After School – Play Girlz

Play Girlz

New Schoolgirl

KahiJungahJooyeon, Soyoung, Bekah Lyrics/작사: Question
Composer/작곡: 용감한 형제
Arranger/편곡: 용감한 형제

Romanization Korean Translation
Come on every let’s boogie down
jigeum i shiganeun ttodareun shijak
Just get get it do it
Let’s rock rock it do it

jamshiman mulleona dwiro
jebeop nol jul aneun oinjo
pibu saegeun dalkomhan choko
gieokae urin saeroun Logo

mudaewiro ollawa Body rock
mangseoriji ma Girl hangeoreumman
oneul bameun yeojadeulmane ballan
ginjanghae namjadeul maesungan

All the play girlz in da place to be
ttaeron geochimeopshi byeonshin hagi
deuridaeji ma saenggageopshineun
i sunganeul jeulgyeo Now play that beat boyz

i shigansok Everywhere da nune boineun Game
saeroungeol weonhae Tonight drive you crazy
dagawa bwa It’s ok naegen joshimseureopge
Let’s go ma peoples modu ttwieobwa mudaewiro Right now

Alright alright girlz
modu beoseona meomchuji ma i sungan
mangseoriji ma neomane Styles
Alright alright girlz
modu ireona heundeureo bwa I’ll be right there
ije neol mideo Lady

Come on every let’s boogie down
지금 이 시간은 또다른 시작
Just get get it do it
Let’s rock rock it do it

잠시만 물러나 뒤로
제법 놀 줄 아는 5인조
피부 색은 달콤한 초코
기억해 우린 새로운 Logo

무대위로 올라와 Body rock
망설이지 마 Girl 한걸음만
오늘 밤은 여자들만의 반란
긴장해 남자들 매순간

All the play girlz in da place to be
때론 거침없이 변신 하기
들이대지 마 생각없이는
이 순간을 즐겨 Now play that beat boyz

이 시간속 Everywhere 다 눈에 보이는 Game
새로운걸 원해 Tonight drive you crazy
다가와 봐 It’s ok 내겐 조심스럽게
Let’s go ma peoples 모두 뛰어봐 무대위로 Right now

Alright alright girlz
모두 벗어나 멈추지 마 이 순간
망설이지 마 너만의 Styles
Alright alright girlz
모두 일어나 흔들어 봐 I’ll be right there
이제 널 믿어 Lady

Come on everybody let’s boogie down
This time right now is a new beginning
Just get get it do it
let’s rock rock it do it

Just for a sec, give ground
We’re 5 people who know how to play
Coloured skin like sweet chocolate
Remember, we’re a new logo

Come up onto the stage body rock
Don’t hesitate girl just one step
Tonight just us girls will rebel
Be nervous every moment boys

All the play girlz in the place to be
At times we change without constraint
Don’t challenge us without thinking
Enjoy the moment, now play that beat boys

Within this moment, everywhere, a game that can be seen by all
We want something new, tonight drive you crazy
Come to me, it’s ok, come to me carefully
Let’s go my peoples, everyone jump onto the stage, right now

Alright alright girlz
Everyone break free, don’t stop in this moment
Don’t hesitate with you’re styles
Alright alright girlz
Everyone stand up and shake it, i’ll be right there
I now trust you lady

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Eng: JpopAsia
Info: music.naver

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