U-Kiss – It's Time (CC Lyrics)

It’s Time

It’s Time
“It’s Time”
Bran New Kiss

Soo Hyun, Kiseop, Eli, AJ
Hoon, Kevin, Dong Ho
Lyrics/작사: ???
Composer/작곡: ???
Arranger/편곡: ???

Romanization Translation
I sunganeul kidaryeosseo
Neowa hamkke hal shigan
Ojik neoman

(Weonhago isseo)

Jichyeoitteon ane harue
Danbiga dweeojul
Neoreul weonhago isseo

It’s time to make your mind
Amugeotdo duryeoweo hajima
Igoseseo urin
Yeongweon halsu isseo

We’ll make it right
Modeunge da byeonhae gajanha

Shigani jinado
Uri igoseseo yeongweonhi hamkke halsu itgil barae

Isunganeul kidaryeosseo
Neowa hamkke hago shipeo

I’ve waited for this
This moment with you
Only you
That I’m wanting

In my tiring day
Become my uplift
I’m wanting you

It’s time to make you mine
Don’t be afraid of anything
In this place, we can stay

We’ll make it right
Everything’s changing
Even as time passes
I wish we can stay this way forever

I’ve waited for this
This moment with you

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info: music.daum.net

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