IU (아이유) OST Queen Seonduk (선덕여왕 (善德女王))

IU (아이우) – 바람꽃 (Windflower)


선덕여왕 (善德女王) (Queen Seon Duk) OST

IU Lyrics/작사: ???
Composer/작곡: ???
Arranger/편곡: ???

Romanization Korean Translation
idaero doraseolgeomyeon sarajilgeomyeon
pieonaji anaseo
ireohge barabomyeonseo sumimakhimyeon
nuneulgameunchae sarado joheulgga

bojianhado boyeoseo
deudjianhado deuryeoseo
geudae sumgyeore dasi saranan baramggotcheoreom
gagosipeodo motganeun
angosipeodo motanneun
geudae songgeuti naemame daheuni

ginginbami jinagonamyeon algga
nunmulsoge utgoitneun sarangeul

jabgo sipeodo motjabneun
gagosipeodo motganeun
geudae maeume dasisaranan baramggotcheoreom
bojianhado boyeoseo
deudjianhado deuryeoseo
barame sillyeo heuteojyeo nallimyeo
geudae maeume heuteojyeo nallimyeo

이대로 돌아설거면 사라질거면
피어나지 않았어
이렇게 바라보면서 숨이막히면
눈을감은채 살아도 좋을까

보지않아도 보여서
듣지않아도 들려서
그대 숨결에 다시살아난 바람꽃처럼
가고싶어도 못가는
안고싶어도 못안는
그대손끝이 내맘에 닿으니

긴긴밤이 지나고나면 알까
눈물속에 웃고있는 사랑을

잡고싶어도 못잡는
가고싶어도 못가는
그대마음에 다시살아난 바람꽃처럼
보지않아도 보여서
듣지않아도 들려서
바람에 실려 흩어져 날리며
그대 마음에 흩어져 날리며

If I turn my back like this, if I disappear like this
I wouldn’t come into bloom
Like this, if I just look at you
It might be alright if I live without eyes

Without looking, I see you
Without listening, I hear you
Your breath is relieving me, just like a windflower
I wish to reach you, but I can’t
I wish to embrace you, but I couldn’t
Your fingertips have reached my heart

Will you know after long, long night
That our love is smiling in tears

I wish to catch you, but I can’t
I wish to reach you, but I couldn’t
I’m revived into your heart, just like a windflower
Without looking, I see you
Without listening, I hear you
Getting shattered in the winds
Getting shattered into your heart

Kor: music.daum.net
Rom: lyricsty.com, AlphaBunny
Eng: myarronfahrenheit@youtube.com
Color Coded Lyrics: mAAgisunggyu at colorcodedlyrics.com
info: music.daum.net

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