Hello Everyone!

This is Kat, Administrator.

After continuous requests of putting the new theme back up, I put it back up.
Seems like the darker theme is not as inviting as the lighter one.

But there will be some small consequences for having this pretty, organized theme.
This theme, is pretty heavy on the server, so once in a while the site will shut down for an hour or so, to lower the usage.

Also, if there are many visitors coming in at once, it will shut down.

What you’ll see is something along the lines of “CloudFlare” . These the reasons why you can’t reach colorcodedlyrics.com…and…so on.

The pros: It is better to be down for an hour, than be suspended for 2 days.
If  you can’t reach our website, and it will be just a “white screen” that says “the server is down” or “no connection can be made”
Then there is something to worry about.

And here’s a little bit about myself:

Sincerely, Kat

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