Girls’ Generation (少女時代) – Not Alone

Not Alone

[Album] Girls & Peace

SooyoungYoona, Seohyun

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Lyrics/作詞: KamiKaoru
Composer/作曲: ERIK NYHOLM,
Arranger/編曲: ???

Romanization Japanese Translation
Have you ever ima demo
shinjite iru no yo
ai wa tada hitori minoraseru to

hoshigaru koto sae
umaku dekinai kedo

demo ne sore demo ne
wakatta no

Not alone, not alone
kotae no nai omoi mo

Not alone
kiesou na Love song tachi mo

kimi no tame saita hana na no
sou I’m not alone

Why am I doushite
sore demo kowain darou
konna muryoku na jibun mo ita no

kodomo ni modotte
kotoba mo denakute

Fairytale dake ja mou
susumenai no ne

Not alone, nee Not alone
dareka wo omou koto de
Not alone

shinjitsu wo mitsuketa toki
konna Feeling wo nanto yobeba ii
Precious things in me

Ooh ooh, arigatou You gave me
kono tsuyosa kureta no yo
I’ll be there for you

moshi watashi ga hitsuyou
nara zutto ryoute hiroge
Life goes on

Now I see sou da yo
dareka wo zuttozutto

aishite mitai to omotteta kara

Not alone, not alone
hikaru basho mo naku (sou I’m not alone)
Not alone
nagareru namida de sae mo (namida de sae mo Oh woah)
kimi no tame saita hana na no
(Love for you)
[Tiff/All] sou I’m not
[Tiff/All] sou I’m not
[Tiff/All] mou I’m not alone

Have you ever 今でも
愛はただ一人 実らせると


でもね それでもね

Not alone, not alone

Not alone
消えそうな Love song たちも

そう I’m not alone

Why am I どうして


Fairytale だけじゃもう

Not alone, ねえ Not alone
Not alone

こんな Feeling を なんとよべばいい
Precious things in me

Ooh ooh, ありがとう You gave me
この強さ くれたのよ
I’ll be there for you

もし私が 必要
ならずっと 両手ひろげ
Life goes on

Now I see そうだよ


Not alone, not alone
光る場所もなく (そう I’m not alone)
Not alone
流れる涙でさえも (涙でさえも Oh woah)
(Love for you)
[ティ/All] そう I’m not
[ティ/All] そう I’m not
[ティ/All] もう I’m not alone

Have you ever, even now
Believed that
Love matures with just one person
Even just wishing for it
I can’t do it well
But, still
I know

Not alone, not alone
Even if these feelings don’t have an answer
Not alone
Even if all the love songs seem to disappear
I’m the flower that blooms for you
That’s right, I’m not alone

Why am I
Still so afraid?
Was there also such a powerless me here?
Reverting back to a child
I still can’t express my words
If it’s only a fairytale
I can’t move forward

Not alone, hey not alone
To think of somebody
Not alone
The moment I found the truth
What should I call this feeling?
Precious things in me

Thank you, you gave me
This strength
I’ll be there for you
If I’m needed, I’ll always
Reach out with both hands
Life goes on

Now I see, that’s right
Because I wanted to try
Loving somebody forever and ever

Not alone, not alone
Even in a place without lights
Not alone
Even with tears flowing
I’m the flower that blooms for you
That’s right, I’m not
That’s right, I’m not
I’m not alone anymore

Japanese:, Hikaru @CCL
Rom: soshified, Hikaru @CCL
Eng: soshified, Hikaru @CCL
info: uta-net

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  1. Shonen93

    konna muryoku na jibun mo i ta no? is Yuri for sure, it sounds totally like her. Also i think kimi no tame sai ta hana na no can be Yonna with Seohyun, because it sound like there is two voices, and I can heard Yonna in there, also the last mou I’m Not is all of them, there are a lot of voices singing there. The rest is great!!!!!!

    1. FSBolthof

      Sry I hear Hyoyeon pretty good. It is low, it looks very similar to Hyoyeon’s other line and the english accent is very distinct.
      It does not go against the flow of the song actually.
      Besides 4 lines would be pretty much for Sooyoung

      1. genieforyourwish

        It does though. If it was Hyoyeon, someone would’ve gotten the “Have you ever ima demo”. Sooyoung is also capable of going low and it’d be weird to give anyone that specific line only.

        1. pretty_angel92

          you know guys, i was also having trouble with that part the first time i listened to the song, and i was like “wait this isn’t Sooyoung”. i kept repeating and i just couldn’t think of any member who would sing that part, except for Hyo. it does sound like her voice. and let’s just say it’s quite good that Hyo and Soo have two parts and not the typical Yul and Yoon. it’s good for a change

          anyway, the rest is right, i think. but on the third chorus, i don’t think it’s Seo at “kimi no tame sai ta hana na no” i believe it’s all

  2. Shonen93

    Sooyoung having three lines an Yuri just one is really unlikely, if you listen carefully to the “konna muryoku na jibun mo i ta no?” you can heard the difference between those two voices, besides, Sooyoung and Yuri almost always get the same number of lines.

    1. FSBolthof

      I still don’t hear Yuri. Especially at the end of the song she sings Oh Oh and it sounds very much like Sooyoung.
      It can happen that Yuri or Sooyoung have more lines than the other.
      For instance Baby Baby

    2. Shonen93

      Allthough i have to say that is really common, confusing Yuri and Soyoung, both have really similar tones of voice, and specially when their lines are together is even harder, but if you really listen you can tell the difference between the two of them

    3. pretty_angel92

      why do you think that? Sooyoung is now singing more than Yuri, their roles changed a long time ago. Sooyoung is now the best singer out of the dancers, not Yuri. besides, Sooyoung has 2 lines here, not 3, wtf.

      1. FSBolthof

        Well Laura Sooyoung is not “chosen” as better singers. Actually some sooyoungster say that.
        Sooyoung and Yuri are both evenly well good singers.
        It just depends on what type of song (how fast, how high or low) and kinda with their popularity who gets the most lines.

      1. Shonen93

        but thats only because is rap and the rapper in snsd are Hyoyeon and Tiffany, but also the Like o s c a r is an echo of the chorus, is like in genie the parts with Sooyoung and Jessica they don’t sing it in live because of that is and echo, the rest of the songs Yuri sings more than Hyoyeon always

    1. FSBolthof

      No that is defitinely the softer voice of Sooyoung :P.
      I know that you want lines for Hyoyeon, but you cannot just make them appear.
      I think it is good that Hyoyeon has a time to shine to. Especially since Yuri is usally the one that gets chosen for the most lines and Hyoyeon for the list (for instance in Be Happy).

      1. Shonen93

        I personally love Hyoyeon and I’m super happy that she has more lines, anyway, their voices are so similar and I guess the only thing we can do is wait and see if they sing this song in live, because you might be wrong, or maybe it’s me, but we can do nothing, we have to wait and see… Anyway, thank you for reading my opinions =)

  3. pretty_angel92

    well i have nothing to say, this one is absolutely correct, i’m only doubting Hyo’s line before Sooyoung, but then again, it doesn’t sound like anyone else except her. i was thinking maybe it could be Yuri or Seohyun, but i don’t even know anymore

  4. Shonen93

    ok so I’ve been thinking about this song a lot, the part of Hyoyeon before Sooyoung and the part of Sooyoung in the last verse, I think they might be this way:

    Why am I doushite? – Hyoyeon and Yuri

    Hikaru basho mo naku – Sooyoung and Yoona

    In both parts you are able to hear (at least me XD) a weird echo like if two voices were sing it, specially in the part of Hyoyeon, that sounds a lot different than her other one. And this way, is a lot more logical to me.

    1. prettyangel92

      on the japanese songs i noticed that they make it seem like there’s two people singing but it turns out to be just one when we see the live performances… why would they make SooNa share a line on that specific part of the chorus, when the other girls didn’t need to share? (Tae and Sun)… i know you’re gonna make the excuse that the others are better singers so they don’t need support but honestly, why would Sooyoung need Yoona’s support? i know this may sound mean but it’s the truth. besides, i only hear Sooyoung’s voice at that part in the chorus

    2. prettyangel92

      oh and i forgot to say this, but that weird echo you’re talking about can also be heard in the first chorus when Taeyeon, Jessica and Sunny sing…but we know it’s only them…

      at Hyoyeon’s part “Kodomo ni modotte
      Kotoba mo denakutte” you can also hear an echo..and you didn’t say anything about it

  5. daniel

    OK, I have a silly guess,
    beecause I hear some other voice than Sooyoung’s voice singing this line.
    but I think it’s either just Sooyoung or like this…

    Why am I doushite [Hyoyeon and Sooyoung]
    Soredemo kowain darou
    Konna muryoku na [Yuri and Sooyoung]
    jibun mo ita no?

    because it a little weird if Hyoyeon sings that line and has a part after Sooyoung’s,
    so I think if it’s Sooyoung and Hyoyeon,
    then “Konna muryoku na” would be someone + Sooyoung,
    and I hear Yuri’s voice, so.

    and the fact that Yoona has another line makes this more… probable and logical(?).

  6. prettyangel92

    after listening to “why am i doushite” again and again i realised it IS Sooyoung. her voice is just softer and lower but it is her. i thought the other people on this website were going crazy when they said it was Soo, but now i can see where they’re coming from. but i know you won’t change until we see the live performance, so let’s wait

  7. heymrpiano

    [All]Not Alone
    [All]Not Alone
    [Soo]Hikaru basho mo naku ([Tae]basho mo)<— I don't think Taeyeon sang that, I think she sang (Sou I’m Not Alone)
    [All]Not Alone
    [Sun]Nagareru namida de sae mo ([Tae]namida de sae)
    [All]Kimi no tame ([Tiff]Oh Oh)<—This is still Taeyeon.
    [All]Saita hana na no ([Tiff]Not For You)<—I think this is Seohyun.

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