D-Unit (디유닛) KOREAN

D-Unit (디유닛) – Lyrics Index

D-Unit Lyrics Index

Korean Albums

[#1] Welcome To Business
Release Date: 2012.08.02
01. Crush (Feat. Dok2)
02. I’m Missin’ You
03. 늦잠 (Sleeping In)
04. Turn the Lights On
05. Stereo
06. Goodbye TaTa
07. Luv Vision
08. 기념일 (Anniversary)
09. 주말이 오기전에 (Before Weekend) (Feat. RedRoc)

[#2] Affirmative Chap.1
Release Date: 2013.03.04
01. 살아남아 (Stay Alive) (Feat. Vasco)
02. 얼굴보고얘기해 (Talk To My Face) (Feat. ZICO of Block B)
03. Lockdown
04. Alone
05. 늦잠 (Sleeping In Part 2) (Feat. Tae Wan)
06. 허수아비 (Scarecrow)
07. Luv Me
Korean Singles

[#1] Luv Me
Release Date: 2012.11.07
01. Luv Me
02. Luv Me (Inst.)

[#2] 늦잠 (Sleeping In Part 2)
Release Date: 2013.01.03
01. 늦잠 (Sleeping In Part 2) (Feat. Tae Wan)
02. 늦잠 (Sleeping In Part 2) (Feat. Tae Wan) (Inst.)

[#3] Stay Alive
Release Date: 2013.02.14
01. 살아남아 (Stay Alive) (Feat. Vasco)

[#4] Thank You
Release Date: 2013.04.16
01. Thank You (Feat. Beenzino)
02. Thank You (Song Ver.)

[#5] 주년 기념 Mix (Anniversary Mix)
Release Date: 2013.08.28
01. 주말이 오기전에 (Before The Weekend Comes) (Remix)

[#6] 너야 – 김피라 프로젝트 Part.2 (It’s You – Kimpira Project Part.2)
Release Date: 2013.12.06
01. 너야 (It’s You)
02. 너야 (It’s You) (Inst.)

Z.I.N Lyrics

Korean Singles

[#1] 군대 보내기 싫은데 (Don’t Want You To Enlist)
Release Date: 2013.09.13
01. 군대 보내기 싫은데 (Don’t Want You To Enlist)
02. 군대 보내기 싫은데 (Don’t Want You To Enlist) (Inst.)

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