Chungha (청하) KOREAN

Chungha (청하) – Hands on Me

Hands on Me

Hands on Me

Chungha Lyrics/작사: 청하, Vincenzo, 퍽시 (Fuxxy), Any Masingga
Composer/작곡: Vincenzo, 퍽시 (Fuxxy), Any Masingga
Arranger/편곡: Vincenzo, 퍽시 (Fuxxy)

Stand and hold on tight there babe
Step to the rhythm and just feel my vibe hmm
So put cha hands on me
Shu wi du daa wah de dum
Stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp
Woo babe let’s go!

On, on, on
Oops, oops
Hands on me
On, on, on
Oops, oops, oops
On, on, on
Oops, oops

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