LOUD (라우드) Lyrics Index


[#1] LOUD 2Round. Team Mission
Release Date: 2021.07.04
01. 부메랑 (BOOMERANG) (Min, Junhyeok, Minseoung)
02. CCHILL (Hwi, Justin, Donghyun)
03. HER (Kyeongmun, Donghyeon)
04. 에너제틱 (Energetic) (Amaru, Taewoo)

[#2] LOUD 3Round. JYP’S PICK
Release Date: 2021.07.10
01. 개화 (開花) (Flowering) (Minkyu, Gyehun, Sungjun)
02. COIN (Hyunwoo, Hyunsoo, Donghyun)
03. 언박싱 (Toy Story) (Hwi, Min, Daniel, Justin)
04. ONLY YOU (Kyeongmun, Kyungjun, Taewoo)

[#3] LOUD 4Round. PSY’S PICK Part.1
Release Date: 2021.07.18
01. 안전핀 (땡겨) (Safety Pin) (Hwi, Hyunwoo, Kyeongmun, Sujae)
02. 배우 (Actor) (Daniel, Min, Junhyeok, Donghyun)

[#4] LOUD 4Round. PSY’S PICK Part.2
Release Date: 2021.07.25
01. SHOCK (Kyungjun, Amaru, Donghyeon, Doohyun)
02. 10점 만점에 10점 (10 out of 10) (Koki, Taehun, Gyehun, Dongyeon, Minseoung)
03. 달라달라 X New Face (Dalla Dalla X New Face) (Yedam, Keiju, Hyunsoo, Jeongmin)

[#5] LOUD 5Round. JYPSY’S CASTING Part.1
Release Date: 2021.08.01
01. Ready To Stay (Daniel)
02. BEAST MODE (Hwi)
03. 해적 (Pirate) (Donghyun)

[#6] LOUD 5Round. JYPSY’S CASTING Part.2
Release Date: 2021.08.08
01. Beautiful (Junhyeok)
02. 빗속에서 (In the rain) (Sungjun)
03. BREATHE (Kyeongmun)
04. 책임져 (Be responsible) (Yedam)
05. 일방통행 (One Way) (Min)
06. 민트초코 (Mint Choco) (Hyunwoo)

[#7] LOUD 5Round. JYPSY’S CASTING Part.3
Release Date: 2021.08.15
01. Money (Gyehun)
02. Red Sun (Hyunsoo)
03. Say My Name (Minseoung)

[#8] LOUD Live Round. Part1
Release Date: 2021.08.22
01. 난 네 Brother (I’m your brother) (Team P NATION)
02. Again&Again (Team JYP)
03. 10 Minutes (Team P NATION Ver.)
04. 10 Minutes (Team JYP Ver.)

[#9] LOUD Live Round – Final Debut –
Release Date: 2021.09.05
01. 움직여 (Move) (Team P NATION)
02. Love me or Leave me (Team JYP)
03. 어쩌다 마주친 그대 (A chance encounter) (Team P NATION)
04. I’m Not Cool (LOUD Ver.) (Team P NATION)
05. Back Door (LOUD Ver.) (Team JYP)

[#10] LOUD -Grand Finale-
Release Date: 2021.09.12
01. 너의 뒤에서 (Behind You) (Team P NATION)
02. Get Loud (Team JYP)
03. Walk Your Walk (Team P NATION & Team JYP)

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