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TNX (티엔엑스)

Taehun, Kyungjun, Sungjun, Hwi,
Hyunsoo, Junhyeok


TNX (Hangul: 티엔엑스; Romanization: tienekseu) is a 6 member boy group from P NATION, formed by the survival show LOUD.

TNX is short for “THE NEW SIX”. They made their debut on May 17, 2022 with their first mini album titled WAY UP. Their fandom name is THX (Hangul: 땡스; Romanization: ttaengseu), with the meaning of “Together witH tnX”.

Previous Affiliation: LOUD



Kyungjun (경준)

Birth Name: Woo Kyungjun (우경준)
Position: Lead Rapper, Visual
Birthday: 2002.08.30
Emoji: 🐱

Taehun (태훈)

Birth Name: Choi Taehun (최태훈)
Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist
Birthday: 2002.11.19
Emoji: 🍑

Hyunsoo (현수)

Birth Name: Jang Hyunsoo (장현수)
Position: Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Sub Rapper
Birthday: 2003.09.16
Emoji: 👻

Junhyeok (준혁)

Birth Name: Cheon Junhyeok (천준혁)
Position: Main Vocalist, Sub Rapper
Birthday: 2004.09.20
Emoji: 🐥

Hwi (휘)

Birth Name: Eun Hwi (은휘)
Position: Main Rapper, Producer
Birthday: 2004.11.11
Emoji: 🐿️

Sungjun (성준)

Birth Name: Oh Sungjun (오성준)
Position: Lead Vocalist
Birthday: 2005.08.30
Emoji: 🐻



[#1] WAY UP

Release Date: 2022.05.17

01. WE ON
02. 180초 (180sec)
03. 비켜 (MOVE)
04. 벌써 (Burst Up)
05. 작은 노래 (Your Favorite Melody)

[#2] Love Never Dies

Release Date: 2023.02.15

01. Love Never Dies
02. I Need U
03. Love or Die
04. Wasn’t Ready
05. Slingshot
06. 따따따 (DDA DDA DDA) (Short Ver.)

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