NINE.i – I live as _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I live as _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

[EP] NINE.i The 2nd Mini Album [I (Part.1)]

Lyrics: 외계인과 마법사
Composer: 김승수, 반 (VAHN)
Arranger: 김승수, 반 (VAHN)



This world is changing dramatically

I can’t keep relying on my parents
and relatives anymore
like I used to when I was younger

I am moving out of my home
and settling down on my own

This is only the beginning of change

Every attempt I’m going to make is not wrong
and I will take full responsibility for my choice

I believe in myself
I own my life

This is a dramatic time
when I don’t know how to live
Look within yourself

Listen to my inner voice

Feel my inner truth

Then I’ll find my own way
I’ll find my own way

Feel your voice
and this is your own way
and this is your own way

Feel your truth
and this is own way

This is your own way
own way

This is your own way

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