SOULBYSEL & I.M – nvrmnd


[Album] SOULBYSEL Compilation 03

Lyrics: I.M (아이엠)
Composer: I.M (아이엠), 롱드라이브 (Long Drive)
Arranger: 롱드라이브 (Long Drive)



Do you really wonder bout me or just having fun
Lets drink that Henry all night long
Getting tipsy but you love me sure
You’ve been tryna shake me ,doesn’t matter
Soaking my throat by your curve that I know
Is this love ?

Give you a ride
Deep to my side
Come just dive
You’re the one who got my eyes all the time
Now I feel alive

give you a ride
Deep to my side
you’re the one who gave me wonder

All I know is what you want
Babe why you in a rush
Let me start it with a touch
Or do you wanna come to rub

movin’ my sweaty body upside down
Can’t stop it cz you’re so stunnin’
Baby don’t hesitate to the top can’t say I’m done
Just let me burn

I’m in love with your body and soul deeply
I don’t mind if I’m drunk, you got me for free
Lazy Lazy Lazy Lazy Lazy
yeah I’m lazy to get sober up
Maybe you’re poison to me

I just wanna enjoy this time without thinking
hope we feel the same and remember in the morning
Can I really trust the love that you said to me
But one sure thing is I do think about you

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