Lyrics: Chancellor, Dayday, JAKOPS, Knave
Composer: Chancellor, JAKOPS
Arranger: ???

Chisa, Hinata, Jurin, Harvey,
Juria, Maya, Cocona


Born with the X-gene
Beta testing
New chapter
Go hard effortlessly
Alpha to omega level
Set it off
There ain’t no limit or gimmicks
We go beyond and keep it a 100

Love it or hate it
Whether you alienate it planet invaded
All day n everyday we slayin’ it
Gladiator mind they not entertained yet

Mutated DNA wooh
Fresh out the Xtraordinary womb
Intergallactical tactical flow
Goin’ ballistic n outta this world

Cosmic stunt
Fear who? None
Pack of 7 equal 1

They wanna know if it’s a hit or a miss
Shoot for the stars and we land on they heads
Don’t mess with the technique
you know its flawless
We locked and loaded on all our targets

Yeah we born with the X-gene
[Ju/Ma] New chapter next scene
[Ju/Ma] Go hard effortlessly
[Ju/Ma] Come test me

Yeah we born with the X-gene
[Ha/Ma] New chapter next scene
[Ha/Ma] Go hard effortlessly
[Ha/Ma] Don’t test me

Reach for the stars when you follow the light
Take me to the other side
Levitate up to the sky

[Chi/Hi/Ju] Howling the start
[Chi/Hi/Ju] From where we are
[Chi/Hi/Ju] Endlessly shining the dark
[Chi/Hi/Ju] Shining the dark

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