Chocolat (쇼콜라) KOREAN

ChoColat (쇼콜라) – Lyrics Index

ChoColat Index


[#1] The First Mini Album
Release Date: 2011.12.15
01. I Like It
02. 하루만 더 (Same Thing To Her) (Feat. Sung HyoRam from XCROSS)
03. 싫어 싫어 (World Domination)
04. 너만을 보고 너만을 그리는 (In A Heartbeat)
05. I Like It (English Ver.)

[#1] 쇼콜라 First Single Album (ChoColat First Single Album)
Release Date: 2011.08.17
01. 신드롬 (Syndrome)
02. 신드롬 (Syndrome) (Inst.)

[#2] The Second Single Album
Release Date: 2012.02.08
01. Get Up
02. 하루만 더 (One More Day) (Feat. Sung HyoRam from XCROSS)
03. Get Up (Inst.)
04. 하루만 더 (One More Day) (Inst.)

[#3] The Third Single Album
Release Date: 2013.06.11
01. 블랙팅커벨 (Black Tinkerbell)
02. All Night Long
03. 블랙팅커벨 (Inst.)
04. All Night Long (Inst.)

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