JAPANESE KARA (카라/カラ) Seung Yeon (승연)

Han Seungyeon (ハン スンヨン) – Guilty (ギルティ)


Kara Collection – Album

Seungyeon Lyrics/作詞: Song Soo Yoon, Han Seung Yeon, 小野宮市乃
Composer/作曲: Han Jae Ho, Kim Seung Soo・Yue
Arranger/編曲: ???

Romanization Japanese Translation
keshitakute kedo kesenakute
kono mune no itami zutto 

nigedashitai demo maketakunai
yami no naka mogaiteru watashi

nee doushite hito ha yume wo ou no ?
annani mo naita noni soredemo negau ashita wo

Any time . . . any fate . . . owari no mienu michi
kibou dake ga ima watashi no michishirube

kuyamanai mou furimukanai
egaku no ha iroasenu keshiki

aa koushite kizudarake ni naru to
shitte te mo akirameru houga watashi ha tsurai

Any time . . . any fate . . . namida komiagetara
sora wo miru yo nozomi kanau sono hi made

Any time . . any fate . . . owari naki sekai wo
utaou waraou tada jibun wo shinjite mirai he

消したくて けど 消せなくて
この胸の痛み ずっと 

逃げ出したい でも 負けたくない
闇の中もがいてる 私

ねえ どうして 人は夢を追うの?
あんなにも 泣いたのにそれでも願う 明日を

Any time・・・any fate ・・・終わりの見えぬ道
希望だけが 今 私の道しるべ

悔やまない もう 振り向かない
描くのは 色褪せぬ景色

ああ こうして 傷だらけになると
知ってても 諦める方が私は 辛い

Any time・・・any fate・・・涙こみ上げたら
空を見るよ 望み叶うその日まで

Any time・・any fate・・・終わりなき世界を
謳おう 笑おう ただ自分を信じて 未来へ

Wanting to erase, but unable to erase it,
This longing pain inside my heart. 

I want to run away, But dont want to lose.
I, who is struggling inside the darkness,

Hey, why do humans want to chase their dreams?
Crying through all those times, still wishing for the future.

Any time, any fate. The ending with an invisible path,
Only desire can guide me through this path.

I will not regret nor look back.
The drawing is an unfading view.

Aa, Becoming this covered by wounds,
Knowing that giving up is more painful.

Any time, any fate. Wiping this tears,
Until the day my desire is granted, I look at the sky.

Any time, any fate. A world with no end,
Believing my future through singing and laughing.

Japanese: karaholic
Rom: karaholic
Eng: karaholic
info: uta-net.com

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