BIBI (비비) – Sweet Sorrow of Mother (불륜)


[Album] Lowlife Princess : Noir

Lyrics/작사: 비비 (BIBI)
Composer/작곡Zoey Cho, 비비 (BIBI)
Arranger/편곡: Zoey Cho



sarang maripnida
daejung eopsseumnida
nae pumjogageul doryeoga
dangshine baereul bullyeodo
geotteunhi naeeojul mankeum
geudaereul hamnida

yaksok maripnida
jashin issseumnida
nae meorikaleul oryeoga
geudae jashigeul iphyeodo
geotteunhi gidaril mankeum
geuttaereul apnida

sarangeul hamnida
mollae haebomnida
nae gibeun gose jeogeoseo
maeil bam nareul tteonal ttae
majimak ttae sseun poonge
mudhyeo bonaemnida


사랑 말입니다
대중 없습니다
내 품조각을 도려가
당신의 배를 불려도
거뜬히 내어줄 만큼
그대를 합니다

약속 말입니다
자신 있습니다
내 머리칼을 오려가
그대 자식을 입혀도
거뜬히 기다릴 만큼
그때를 압니다

사랑을 합니다
몰래 해봅니다
내 깊은 곳에 적어서
매일 밤 나를 떠날 때
마지막 때 쓴 포옹에
묻혀 보냅니다


love, you see
there’s no calculating
even if you cut off a piece of me
and fill your stomach
I’m willing to give to you with no hesitation
that’s how much I do you

promise, you see
I’m confident
even if you cut my hair
and dress your child
I’m willing to wait no matter how long
that’s the moment I know

I love
I do it secretly
when you write somewhere
deep inside of me
and leave me every night
I send it with the hug
leaving trace when you leave

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