HYNN (박혜원) Jo Hyun Ah Jung Jiso (정지소) KOREAN Kota (코타) Kwon Jinah (권진아) Lee Boram (이보람) Navi (나비) Park Jinjoo (박진주) SOLE (쏠) Soyeon (소연) Uhm Jiyoon (엄지윤) WSG Wannabe (WSG워너비) Yoon Eunhye (윤은혜)

WSG Wannabe (WSG워너비) – When I Close My Eyes (눈을 감으면)

눈을 감으면 nuneul gameumyeon“When I Close My Eyes”[Single] 눈을 감으면 (When I Close My Eyes)2022.08.06 Lyrics/작사: 정준일Composer/작곡: 정준일Arranger/편곡: 강화성 Yoon…

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