KOREAN Park Won (박원)

Park Won (박원) – all of my life

all of my life


Park Won Lyrics/작사: 박원
Composer/작곡: 박원
Arranger/편곡: 권영찬

Romanization Korean Translation
neomu himdeureo salme chiigo
dweneun geotto eopgo
gajokdo an boigo eonjebuteonga
nado jungyohaji anko
eopjin anchiman deo mani gajeoya
sarangdo ieogal su inneun i sesangeseo
All of my life
You are all of my life

geureogo bomyeon na
neoreul manna cham mani byeonhaesseo
kkumi saenggigo niga gajin kkumdo
irweojugo shipeosseo na geureoryeomyeon
deo nopeun gose ollagayaman haesseo
deo maneun geotteureul gajeoya ganeunghaesseo
da gajil ttaejjeum
sarangboda kkumi deo keojeosseo

All of my life naega himi deul ttae
You are all of my life niga nal chaeweonneunde
dareun eotteon geollo nareul chaeweobwado
All of my life
You are all of my life
chaeweojijiga ana

geureoke uri barawatgo ganjeolhaetteon geojana
ijen naebange gadeukande
nado amugeotto eomneun bang aneseo neon honja
ireoke jujeoanja ulgo isseonni

All of my life neon nae jeonbende
i modeun ge da museun soyong inneunde
eodiseonga i norael deutge dwendamyeon
All of my life
All of my life
ni iyagiga maja

너무 힘들어 삶에 치이고
되는 것도 없고
가족도 안 보이고 언제부턴가
나도 중요하지 않고
없진 않지만 더 많이 가져야
사랑도 이어갈 수 있는 이 세상에서
All of my life
You are all of my life

그러고 보면 나
너를 만나 참 많이 변했어
꿈이 생기고 니가 가진 꿈도
이뤄주고 싶었어 나 그러려면
더 높은 곳에 올라가야만 했어
더 많은 것들을 가져야 가능했어
다 가질 때쯤
사랑보다 꿈이 더 커졌어

All of my life 내가 힘이 들 때
You are all of my life 니가 날 채웠는데
다른 어떤 걸로 나를 채워봐도
All of my life
You are all of my life
채워지지가 않아

그렇게 우리 바라왔고 간절했던 거잖아
이젠 내방에 가득한데
나도 아무것도 없는 방 안에서 넌 혼자
이렇게 주저앉아 울고 있었니

All of my life 넌 내 전부인데
이 모든 게 다 무슨 소용 있는데
어디선가 이 노랠 듣게 된다면
All of my life
All of my life
니 이야기가 맞아

When things were so hard that I was tired of living
When nothing was going my way
When I hadn’t even seen my family
And even I wasn’t important to myself
In this world, where one must have more
In order to continue with love
All of my life
You are all of my life

When I look at myself
I changed so much after meeting you
I began to have dreams
And I wanted to make your dreams come true too
In order to do that, I had to go up higher
I had to have more things
Just when I had everything
My dreams became bigger than love

All of my life, when I was struggling
You are all of my life, you filled me up
I tried filling myself up with other things
All of my life
You are all of my life
But I couldn’t be filled

That’s what we wanted and were so desperate for
Now my room is so filled up
But were you in there alone, without me

All of my life, you’re my everything
What use is all of this?
If you’re listening to this song somewhere
All of my life
All of my life
Yes, this is about you

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Eng: pop!gasa
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