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Kep1er (케플러) & Girls Planet 999 Lyrics Index

Kep1er (케플러)

YujinXiaotingMashiro, ChaehyunDayeonHikaru, Huening BahiyyihYoungeunYeseo


Korean Releases

Japanese Releases

Girls Planet 999

4 thoughts on “Kep1er (케플러) & Girls Planet 999 Lyrics Index

  1. On March 15, 2023, Kep1er will release their second Japanese single, “FLY-BY”.

    1. “I do! Do you?”
    2. “tOgether fOrever”
    3. “We Fresh (Japanese Ver.)”
    4. “MVSK (Japanese Ver.)”
    5. “WA DA DA (Japanese Version) ~IMLAY Remix~” [has different lyrics than the regular version]
    6. “I do! Do you? (Instrumental)”

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