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Weeekly Lyrics Index

Mini Albums

[#1] We are
Release Date: 2020.06.30
01. Weeekly Day
02. Universe
03. Tag Me (@Me)
04. Hello
05. Reality

[#2] We can
Release Date: 2020.10.13
01. 언니 (Unnie)
02. My Earth
03. Zig Zag
04. 몰래몰래 (Top Secret)
05. 월화수목금토일 (Weeekly)

[#3] We play
Release Date: 2021.03.17
01. Yummy!
02. Lucky
03. After School
04. Uni
05. 나비 동화 (Butterfly)


[#1] 내가 가장 예뻤을 때 (When I Was The Most Beautiful) OST Part.6 
Release Date: 2020.09.24
01. 너로 물든다는 것 (Draw in to you) [Monday]
02. 너로 물든다는 것 (Draw in to you) (Inst.)

[#2] 내 꿈은 라이언 (My Dream Is Ryan) OST
Release Date: 2020.09.25
01. 붐 치키 (BOOM CHI KI)
02. 붐 치키 (BOOM CHI KI) (Inst.)

[#3] 안녕? 나야! (Hello, Me) OST Part.1
Release Date: 2021.02.18
01. Wake Up
02. Wake Up (Inst.)

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