GWSN (공원소녀) Indices KOREAN

Girls in the Park (GWSN /원소녀) Lyrics Index

Miya, Seoryoung, Minju, Lena, Anne, Seokyoung, Soso


[#1] 밤의 공원(THE PARK IN THE NIGHT) part one
Release Date: 2018.09.05
01. Puzzle Moon (퍼즐문)
02. 볼터치 (Shy Shy)
03. Let It Grow ~ a little tree
04. YOLOWA (욜로와)
05. Melting Point
06. Lullaby ~ 잘자

[#2] 밤의 공원(THE PARK IN THE NIGHT) part two
Release Date: 2019.03.13
01. Pinky Star (RUN)
02. TOKTOK (수천 개의 별, 수천 개의 꿈)
03. BLOOM (True Light)
04. Miss Ping Pong
05. One & Only
06. Growing ~ for Groo
07. TOKTOK ~ the park night version (CD only)

[#3] 밤의 공원(THE PARK IN THE NIGHT) part three
Release Date: 2019.07.23
01. RED-SUN (021)
02. All Mine (Coast of Azure)
03. Night Aviation (밤의 비행) (The Interpretation of Dreams)
04. Total Eclipse (Black Out)
05. Birthday Girl ~ 19 candles
06. Kind of Cool
07. Black H●le
08. Recipe ~ for Simon

[#4] the Keys
Release Date: 2020.04.28
02. 공중곡예사 (Wonderboy, the Aerialist)
03. Tweaks ~ Heavy cloud but no rain
04. After the bloom (alone)


[#1] 일단 뜨겁게 청소하라 OST Part 2
Release Date: 2018.12.03
01. Oh Lady Go Lady (Seoryoung)

[#2] 세상에서 제일 예쁜 내 딸 (KBS 2TV 주말드라마) OST – Part 4
Release Date: 2019.05.05
01. I’m In Love (Seoryoung)

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